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The smallest three-cylinder laminating machine hydraulically operated in the world

Model Z0B-HI-NV

We are pleased to present the new hydraulically operated three-cylinder refiner for laboratories and small productions.
The aim of having a laboratory machine designed and built as a production machine is essential to minimize the scale errors and then make recipes more efficient, both in terms of quality and in the use of raw materials. For example, in the use of pigments, the higher the level of micronization, the higher the colour yield and therefore the lower consumption of this precious material; principle valid for the rest of the other materials.

The machine also develops a high dispersing capacity and the perfect homogeneity of the laminated product doesn’t require any filtration.

Top quality! Micronization level at full scale.
Crushing pressure adjustable from 0 to 12 bar.
The adjustment of the product containment shoulders, placed between the loading cylinder and the central one, allow to process from minimum quantities of product, a few grams, up to a production capacity of about 15 kg/h, according to the rolling pressure.

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