nuova serie raffintatrici tre cilindri produzione btbart

New three-cylincer refiner series for production

The new series of three-cylinder refiners has been designed for easier operation by the operator. A powerful PLC coupled to a Touch Screen allow highly computerized management in the movement of the drives: approach/removal of the cylinders during the work phase; variable rotation speed of the grinding cylinders according to the processing program; continuous monitoring of operating pressures.

Through the Touch Screen, the PLC also allows the archiving of recipes with an identification code, which can be replicated when necessary, with all the parameters, including
processing ones.
The machines are set up for possible network connection for management in 4.0.

Important for what concerns the safety of the operator, in addition to the physical and electromechanical protections, a special software has been studied and applied for the execution of the cleaning cycle with a very slow rotation of the cylinders and the aid of two pedals with continuous pressure which stop the rotation of the cylinders instantly.

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